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Social Media and Improvisation, a Lesson from Jimmy Page

Posted by on January 15, 2009

Have you ever listened to a particular song by a band and then seen that band perform the song live?  There’s always a difference, there’s always a bit improvisation.  Take for example the Jimmy Page solo for stairway to heaven, I’m assuming you know what it sounds like, now, watch the videos below of Jimmy performing the solo live.

*update* this video was messing with my RSS feed but you can find the video of this amazing solo by following this link, Jimmy Page Solo.

Here is the second Jimmy Page solo:

Did you notice a difference?  Both of the improvisations above are vastly different from each other and from the original studio recording.  So what’s the point of all of this other than to showcase some amazing guitar playing?

Well, think of your social media strategy as your studio recording.  It’s rehearsed, well planned, everything is synced and sounds great.  Now you launch your campaign or strategy and start monitoring feedback; you start to understand what your users expect, what they want, and what they need.  You start to adapt and you start to improvise.

It’s great to have a social media or marketing planned all lined up, however true success will be determined by your ability to adapt and improvise.  Remember what happened with Ford and Scott Monty a few months ago?  Scott didn’t have the time to get back into the studio to record another song, he had to improvise and act right away.

The key to improvisation is understand  the notes and the chords of the song (and guitar), or in social media terms; the tools, guidelines, and your audience.  Once you have mastered that you can begin to improvise your studio recordings to really wow your users.  You can begin to experiment with different sounds and features and then you can really grow and create an effective social media marketing campaign.

So now the question is what are you doing today that will help you improvise tomorrow?  Are you already improvising, how is it working out for you?

thanks for reading!

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  • Andrea Merida

    I love The Song Remains the Same, and I saw it over 100 times in my teenage years. LOL!

    In my case, being creative with technical things is my strength. I have a tendency to stick to tried-and-true facts, but I've had to adapt by not being a slave to them. I love marketing data like demographics, but I find that psychographics is really the way to go, because you have to adapt your message to the audience. The techniques are the same, but the audience can be different. Still, one always has to improvise for the best results.

  • Site O Rific

    I'm not sure Jimmy was interested in adapting or could even remember the original solo!

  • Site O Rific

    I'm not sure Jimmy was interested in adapting or could even remember the original solo!

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