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Looking for Resources on Emergent Collaboration?

Posted by on July 29, 2011

Connie and I decided that we are going to be putting our Chess Media Group Facebook page to better use.  Over the past few months we have been sporadically using it to share some articles and resources but we’re really going to ramp that up. It’s hard to follow all of the news, updates, events, and resources on emergent collaboration everyday, especially on various social channels.  Our Facebook page is going to act as a curated source of content where you can find what Connie and I consider to be the most interesting and valuable pieces of content and information on emergent collaboration.

Sure, we will also be sharing some fun stuff, news, announcements, and updates as well; just because we like to have a human component to what we do.

Furthermore, we want you to be able to post your own resources and interesting content as well and we will do what we can to share it around!  We also invite you to open up a conversation or a discussion on emergent collaboration or just say ‘hi.’

To date, we have 530 people who like our content and we hope to grow this number significantly.  Tell your friends and your colleagues and help us grow the page into a valuable resource for everyone interested in emergent collaboration; we can’t do it without you! :)

Join the Chess Media Group Facebook page. We’ll provide you with valuable and interesting content, regularly!

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