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Case Study: The Future of Work and Collaboration at Electronic Arts

Posted by on September 9, 2013

EA-Case-Study We just released our new case study on the future of work and collaboration with Electronic Arts (EA).  We had the privilege of speaking with Bert Sandie who is their director of technical excellence and helps drive these efforts.  For those of you not familiar with EA they are one of the top distributors, publishers, and developers of interactive entertainment software.  They have around 10,000 employees globally and some of their flagship games include: Battlefield, SimCity, Command and Conquer, Dead Space, Mass Effect, and many others.

EA games are created by many teams (oftentimes at least 20) that are spread out across various geographical regions so being able to virtually bring together people and information was a huge business driver.  Hundreds of people come together to work on a single game!

In this case study we explore things such as:

  • How EA was able to leverage social and collaborative technologies to connect their people and information.
  • Where the push for new technologies and strategies came from and how they were formalized.
  • What tools EA is actually using and how they are using them to connect their people and information while providing a culture of collaboration.
  • The operational impact of these new technologies and strategies on EA.
  • The lessons learned.
  • Future plans for changes and enhancements.

The case study also features several screenshots from their collaboration portal as well as plenty of insights and tips from Bert.

You can download the EA case study here.