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The Business Value of Social CRM and Common Use Cases

Posted by on March 15, 2012

Chess Media Group has teamed up with Avectra to bring a series of educational resources around Social CRM for associations.  We’re really excited to be working with Avectra on this because associations are the original social networking communities; tightly knit groups formed to carry on activities primarily for the benefit of their members.  This educational series is comprised of 6 whitepapers and 2 webinars which will be disperesed over the coming months.  We will be covering the following topics and concepts:

Six-Part White Paper Series

  1. The Business Value of Social CRM and Common Uses (March)
  2. Using Social CRM to Solve Common Real-World Business Problems (April)
  3. Crafting a Social CRM Strategy (May)
  4. Social CRM and Collaboration You and Your Members: How They Fit (July)
  5. Scaling and Sustaining Your Social CRM Initiatives (August)
  6. Top 10 Success Factors for Social CRM (September)

Tying-It-Together Webinar Series

  1. Understanding, Justifying, and Building Your Social CRM Strategy (June)
  2. Executing, Sustaining, and Measuring Your Social CRM Strategy (October)

The first whitepaper in the series: The Business Value of Social CRM and Common Uses is already available for download.  If you would like to get advanced notification for the entire series you can do so my visiting the Avectra registration page.  This should be a valuable series especially for associations interested in understanding and leveraging Social CRM to help their organizations.

Hope you join us for the series!

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