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Trying to Promote Your Blog? BlogUpp! May Have a Solution

Posted by on May 12, 2008

blogupp! logo from the blogupp! homepageEveryone is always looking to get more traffic to his or her blog. Of course, the key is not to just get more traffic, but to get RELEVANT traffic. A new company called BlogUpp! Thinks they may have found the solution for driving relevant traffic to your blog. So, what is BlogUpp! And how does it get you more traffic to your site?

BlogUpp! is a blog promoting service that requires you place a widget on your site (can be found on my page, on the right hand side). This widget then displays relevant blogs and articles. Other websites that have this widget installed will then be promoting YOUR blog while you promote OTHER blogs. I just installed the widget to test it out so unfortunately, I do not have any stats, but I will give it around a month and will then share the data.

The concept isn’t new, in fact I remember seeing a few other services out there that do something similar. However, according to their website, BlogUpp! is unique in several ways:

  • No signup. No email and privacy exposure
  • No ad submission and no efforts
  • No animation and annoying ads
  • Multilanguage support
  • Cheat-proof and fair sharing
  • WordPress platform and alike friendly
  • Targeted readers reach
  • Welcome bonus for everyone
  • Best de facto exchange ratio (10:9) (see below for what this means)

BlogUpp also has a nice comparison chart vs: Entrecard, Spott, and BlogRush.

So how does all of this work? According to BlogUpp!

  • BlogUpp! snapshots your blog and reads your RSS regularly
  • Blog’s thumbnail shows on other blogs with our service activated
  • The thumbnail is accompanied by your blog’s most recent article
  • For every 10 readers of your blog, it is shown to 9 readers on other blogs
  • An identical widget projects on your weblog (as shown on the right), with relevant blogs and articles (move the mouse over the widget)
  • Each link clicked in the widget opens a new window, not closing your blog
  • And all this is completely free and with no effort whatsoever

I decided to give it a shot, so how simple was it to set up? Below, you can see a screen-shot of the set up page. It literally took me under 30 seconds to have the widget up and running on my site.

BlogUpp! set up

This is what the actual widget looks like, take a look at the right hand side of this page. What do you think? It’s not too intrusive and the content seems to be relevant.

BlogUpp! widget

I have played around with the other blog promotion sites (mentioned above), and I must say that BlogUpp! is by the far the easiest one to set up. I also like the content that is being displayed and the overall look and feel of the widget. Now keep in mind I just set this up today so I cannot speak to it’s effectiveness yet. But let’s be honest, is it worth 30 seconds of your time to set up? Definitely.

I also love the multi-language support that BlogUpp! offers. It also looks like BlogUpp! is working on a paid service that will allow you to increase the number if impressions that your blog site receives. Another big bonus is that BlogUpp! really pays attention to the quality of the content written on the blog site:

“Your should also know that we refer several levels of quality while considering the blogs for approval. Higher quality blogs get promoted on alike, while those with lower and not rejected by us get respectively promotion on similar quality blogs.”

So based on all of the above information my recommendation is Yes, try BlogUpp! and see if you like it. if you are a fairly new site looking to get a bit more exposure then this may be a great solution for you, perhaps may also want to try the other services mentioned above. If you are already an established site, well then you can still increase your loyal reader base.

What do you think of BlogUpp! and other blog promotion sites? Please share your thoughts/comments.

Thanks for reading!

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  • Alfred T.

    Thinking of other services for the purpose of promotion, this one is really interesting and it surprises with the ease to install, and no further maintenance.

    Firstly I thought as “too good to be true”, but with this simplicity it looks like everything to be clear enough.

    The concept is brilliant. It a site attracts your attention, you’ll point your mouse on it in the widget, and if you like the article shown under it, you are a reader for the target blog, and that is great.

    Thanks for sharing this news, I’m going to use it

    • jacobmorgan

      wow this comment is 3 months old and i just saw it, my apologies. im glad you found the tool useful and i hope it brings you the expected traffic you desire!

      blog on!

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  • jaky

    I think blogupp is really great. i have tried it an dfound that i got many new visitors and subscribers. it was really great. thank you blogupp..

    • jacobmorgan

      thanks for the comment, im glad you found the tool useful!

  • kim*

    i dont see blog up on your right side

    • jacobmorgan

      yep, i took it down, didn't like it

  • jacobmorgan

    yep, i took it down, didn't like it

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