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Why The Gig Economy Is The Future Of Work

Posted by on November 29, 2015

Today’s guest on the Future of Work podcast is Micha Kaufmann, the CEO of Fiverr. Fiverr started as a website where you could get any digital task done for $5. Now, it is becoming a true freelance marketplace with bundled gigs. Organizations are flocking to the website, as well as, individuals who are looking to hire or become freelancers. With the popularity of websites like Fiverr, Micha and I discuss why the gig economy is the future of work. […]

The Future Of Work Isn’t Just About Big Technology Companies

Posted by on November 28, 2015

Many times when we (myself included) speak about the future of work, the conversations tend to skew toward larger companies. However, the reality is that smaller companies are actually poised to do quite well when we think about the changing workplace. They can move fast and are agile when it comes to change. Smaller organizations are able to get access to the same type of technologies that were once reserved for larger companies, they can find the best talent by utilizing the freelancer economy to help drive and shape their business, and they can do a much better job of avoiding office politics and bureaucracy.

The Number One Way To Get Employees To Use Collaboration Technologies

Posted by on November 25, 2015

Many of the themes surrounding the Future of Work are enabled by technology. The big challenge for many organizations involves getting employees to use new technologies such as collaboration tools and internal social networks. If employees do not use them, it makes it difficult for the components and themes involving the future of work to actually become possible for example flexible work, real-time feedback, or abolishing annual employee reviews. Typically, when technology is deployed within an organization, the focus is on its benefits to the organization as a whole. Pushing forward the benefits such as cost cutting, productivity, and making money for the organization does not always appeal to the employee as an individual benefit.[…]

The Office Space Isn’t Dead, It’s Making A Comeback

Posted by on November 24, 2015

Over the past few years there have been many discussions around the death and disappearance of the office. Most believed that with co-working locations, the spread of Wi-Fi and mobility, and the rise of co-working locations that there would be no need for an office anymore. We would all work from anywhere and everywhere and this was of course a fair and reasonable prediction. But, it’s not entirely true. Our traditional idea of an office is in fact disappearing, that is the row of cubicles lined in a building that looks and smells like a hospital but the office itself is far from dead![…]

Why Self – Developing Organizations And Individualized Learning Is The Future Of Work

Posted by on November 22, 2015

This week’s episode of the Future of Work Podcast features two very special guests from Skillsoft. Skillsoft is a technology company that produces learning management systems and the content that goes with them. My two guests are Jerry Nine, the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Skillsoft, and John Ambrose, who is the Senior VP of Strategy and Corporate Development. We speak on self-developing organizations and individualized learning. Self developing organizations and focus on learning is a huge part of the future of work.[…]

What Should You Invest In First, Technology Or Corporate Culture?

Posted by on November 19, 2015

Today’s Future in 5 comes to you from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I just came back from Santiago, Chile where I spoke to around 1,000 HR practitioners and leaders from many different companies in the Latin American and South American regions. After my talk, I was asked a question I thought would be a great topic for this week. When trying to drive change, should a company invest in the technology piece first, or invest in corporate culture first? […]

The Future Of Work Show, Episode 10: Inside SAP

Posted by on November 18, 2015

Join me as I go inside the offices of one of the world’s leading technology companies, SAP to see what they think about the future of work. SAP is an organization that is truly thinking about and investing in the future of work with their office designs, focus on attracting millennials, culture of learning and education, diversity programs, and their integration of technology in how work gets done. I tour several of their office buildings, speak with employees, and also interview their Chief Learning Officer (Jenny Dearborn) to get various perspectives on how SAP sees the workplace changing and what they are doing to adapt and prepare. This is a fun and informative episode that you won’t want to miss! […]

Why Every Company Should Be A Platform Company

Posted by on November 15, 2015

My guest for this week’s Future of Work podcast is Régis Mulot. Régis is the Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Staples. We speak on why every company should be a platform company. A platform company partners and incorporates technology from multiple corporations, partners, nonprofits, and educational institutions, to name a few. While this concept is not new, it is growing and evolving. Instead of only concentrating on what is going on inside a company, the focus is shifted to building networks outside of the organization. These networks assist in building a stronger, more profitable platform company.[…]

Change Doesn’t Have to Start At The Top, But It Helps!

Posted by on November 13, 2015

This is a very special Future in Five coming to you from Santiago, Chile, where I just finished speaking to 800 top HR leaders in Latin America. While visiting Santiago I was struck by the number of stray dogs everywhere. I learned that at one point the local government wanted to step in put these dogs to sleep. The people of Santiago were mortified, and there was an outcry against harming these animals. When a stray dog was found, the citizens of Santiago would step in to claim it as their own. The government, in turn, could not kill put a dog to sleep that belonged to someone. Today the stray dogs in Santiago are viewed as dogs that belong to the people. They are fed, looked after and during bad weather the locals give the dogs jackets to keep them warm and dry. I have not seen locals in any city thus far treat stray dogs with so much love and kindness. While taking pictures of a museum I saw a lady actually lay down on the floor next to a stray dog to give it a hug!
What is fascinating about this story, is that change didn’t start from the top, it started from ordinary people who wanted to see things done as they believed was right.

Your Company Is Not Perfect, And That’s Okay

Posted by on November 12, 2015

Today’s Future in Five comes to you from Orlando, where I delivered a keynote on the Future of Work and creating employee experiences to a group of around 1,000 business professionals. Let’s pretend that every one of the seats at this keynote venue represents one employee in the same company. Each one of these 1,000 people will have different interests, priorities, and ideas. How can an organization create great employee experiences that will speak to each employee?[…]

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